Viral Message about the Java Earthquake, LIPI Affirms That Hoaks

Some time later, messages related to the Java earthquake were spread in the name of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

In the viral message, it was said that LIPI was aware of the occurrence of large-scale earthquake on the island of Java in the foreseeable future.

Through its press release, LIPI said that all the words and sentences contained in the chain message were a form of twisting information that was intentionally made to cause unrest in the community and could be categorized as additional information that was hoax.

Meanwhile, the link or link listed in the message actually came from the results of interviews with senior researchers at the LIPI Geotechnology Research Center, Dr. Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, M.Sc., with One TV News uploaded to Youtube on January 24, 2018.

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Eko Yulianto as Head of the LIPI Geotechnology Research Center also said that the news that aired on Berita Satu TV was intended as an education for the wider community who are indeed living in earthquake-prone areas.

The scientist's statement about earthquake vigilance itself, Eko said, is always very general by considering the mechanism of repeated earthquakes and the geological time context that ranges in time from thousands, even millions of years, not 24 hours.

"That is, if a geologist (a geologist) presents a statement about an earthquake threat, it is a generic statement because we live in the place where the sources of the earthquake are," he stressed.

Therefore, LIPI also urged the public not to be provoked and panicked by the message.

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