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Ministry of Agriculture Increases Domestic Cattle Population
The Ministry of Agriculture claims to have succeeded in reducing meat import figures. This is evident from the data on the trend of declining national beef import figures, at least since .... [Read More]
OJK Inaugurates Fintech Center
The Financial Services Authority (OJK) inaugurated the operation of the OJK Innovation Center for Digital Financial Technology (OJK Infinity). This institution aims to build a fintech ecosystem into a part .... [Read More]
AXA Mandiri Provides Insurance Protection for 1,300 Athletes and "Official" Indonesian Teams
PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri) provides life and health insurance protection for athletes and Indonesian team officials in Asia's Biggest Sports Party. AXA Mandiri Director of In Branch .... [Read More]
These Are Three Stocks Indicated By Fried Stocks
The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) reported three stocks indicated as fried stocks in the Financial Services Authority (OJK). All three are considered to have trade index movements that are considered .... [Read More]
AXA Mandiri Prepares IDR 22 Billion for Athletes Winning Gold Medals
PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AXA Mandiri) prepares reserve funds of up to tens of billions of rupiah which will be used as life insurance for Indonesian athletes who won gold .... [Read More]
Sell SBR004, Investree Gives 1 Percent Cashback Promo
Investree's fintech company is one of the official distribution partners for the sale of SBR004 Retail Saving Bond state securities designated by the Ministry of Finance. SBR004 is a Government .... [Read More]
Indonesian Women Choose Beauty Products from Korea, What about Halal Labels?
Skin beauty products most favored in Indonesia are not domestic products, but products from South Korea. Data from the 2018 ZAP Beauty Index survey of 1,7889 women revealed that as .... [Read More]
The Mandatory Biodiesel Program is believed to be able to absorb excess palm oil supply
The Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS) believes that the government's mandatory B20 biodiesel program is a solution to the excess domestic oil supply. At present, the supply of .... [Read More]
SBR investment is considered more attractive, this is the reason
The Director General of Financing and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) Luky Alfirman considers, in some cases, investment in securities of the Saving Bond Retail SBR004 type of .... [Read More]
Earthquake Disrupts PLN's Electrical System in Lombok
PT State Electricity Company (Persero) recorded a magnitude 7 earthquake that struck Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) on Sunday (08/19/2018) yesterday made the electrical system there disturbed. Several times aftershocks .... [Read More]
Half of Indonesian Women Prefer to Buy Beauty Products at Stores
In the midst of technological developments and sales on online channels stretching, precisely official outlets are still the favorite choice of women of all ages in buying beauty products. The .... [Read More]
Togu Daud Gibran, Baby Without Cavities, The Cavity Of The Mouth Needs Netizens' Helping Hands
A baby named Togu Daud Gibran (7 months) was born without an oral cavity. This prompted a number of benefactors to donate funds to ease the burden on the family of .... [Read More]
Peek at Capsule Hotel Business Opportunities
The popularity of capsule hotels that are on the rise does not want to be wasted just like that by the Bobobox startup. After releasing its first capsule hotel in the .... [Read More]
2019, Ministry of Manpower Budget Increases Rp 1.7 Trillion
The Minister of Manpower M. Hanif Dhakiri said that the budget in the Ministry of Manpower 2019 had risen by around Rp 1.7 trillion from Rp 4 trillion to Rp 5.7 .... [Read More]
Ornamental Flowers from Sukabumi from the Japanese Market
Some types of ornamental flowers produced by farmers in Sukabumi, West Java, are able to penetrate the foreign market. "One of the flowers that is the mainstay is chrysanthemum (Chrysantemum). .... [Read More]
Korpri Called Increase in 5 Percent PNS Salaries Still Too Small
The Republic of Indonesia Employee Corps (Korpri) assesses that a 5 percent increase in the basic civil servant (ASN) basic salary is still too small. "Not yet, it's from a .... [Read More]
Match Schedule for Indonesian Athletes at the Asian Games for Sunday, August 26
- It's been more than a week for the 2018 Asian Games. Meanwhile, the medal gain of each sport is also increasing. Good news came from the Badminton Sports Branch. .... [Read More]
5 of these countries are most affected by US trade war
The policy of President of the United States (US) Donald Trump, which imposes import tariffs on its trading partners, has resulted in disruption in the global market. Countries with developing economies .... [Read More]
Asian Games, AXA Mandiri Prepares Insurance of up to Rp. 1 Billion for Indonesian Athletes
PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services is ready to provide insurance support for all contingent athletes and officials competing in the 2018 Asian Games. AXA Mandiri's Chief of Alternate Channel Nanang .... [Read More]
Indonesia Finally Comply with Australian Plain Cigarette Packaging Policies
After protesting, Indonesia chose to comply with the cigarette packaging policies that apply in Australia. Kangaroo country requires the use of plain alias neutral packaging for tobacco products. "Our exporters .... [Read More]