How to store moon cakes to increase delicious

Moon cakes are generally large with solid filling. So that eating a moon cake for one meal can make it like that.

So no wonder, there are many people who eat one moon cake in a different time. To keep the moon cake in good condition even if stored for a long time, the key is in storage.

"Saving the moon cake is better at room temperature, 17-22 degrees centigrade," said The Harvest Chef's Pastry Area, Sari Fitria Wardani during the introduction of four mooncake flavors at The Harvest Senopati, Friday (08/24/2018).

Storing moon cakes at room temperature, according to Sari, makes the moon cake even more delicious. Because the oil of dough and oil issued by lotus seeds makes the moon cake more moist and tender when bitten. The taste and aroma of the moon cake is also more out if stored at room temperature.

Instead, storing moon cakes in the refrigerator, according to Sari, will actually make the moon cake dry and hard. But the method of storing moon cakes is also influential from the content of moon cakes.

"Must use flour and the best ingredients," Sari said.

He added, the moon cake with good quality also does not need preservatives, but it is preserved for up to one month at room temperature.

The Harvest itself presents moon cakes in four selected flavors: single egg yolk (lotus seeds and red eggs), pandanus, black sesame, and red beans until the end of September 2018.

The moon cake is sold in three pretty golden, dark red. One package for Rp. 138,000, two packs of Rp. 288,000, and four packs for Rp. 480,000.