Amid external sentiments that tend to be negative, local investors are considered to have supported the performance of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

"We see, actually foreign investors tend to come out. However, local investor transactions are quite good, essentially not like foreigners who tend to come out," said IDX President Director Inarno Djajadi in Jakarta, Friday (08/24/2018).

According to him, the frequency of transactions on the domestic stock market is currently relatively good, even higher than the Thai stock market.

"The frequency is quite high at around 390,000 transactions per day. The 'which is' is on it Thailand, in ASEAN we are probably the highest," he said.

Inarno said that the high transaction frequency shows that the capital market industry is still fundamentally strong despite overshadowed by negative external sentiments.

"It is still good, but we also cannot be separated from external factors. There are events outside that can also affect our market," he said.

Nevertheless, Inarno added that capital market players did not need to worry because the government was quite responsive in anticipating external negative sentiments that could affect domestic financial markets.

"We cannot do anything to the external. The government is responsive enough to do something, namely by reducing imports. And Bank Indonesia is also quite responsive in anticipating the US dollar by raising interest rates," he said.