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How to Invest with Bitcoin with a capital of 5 Bitcoin
  Bitcoin (abbreviated as BTC) is a digital currency and peer-to-peer payment system (P2P) created by software developers named pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Although proven to be unknown to the general .... [Read More]
Cinta Suci Selasa 18 Desember
Marcell dibawa ke ruangan Ustadz Husnul. Dia lalu menceritakan kondisinya. Ustadz Husnul syok berat. Lalu Marcell berusaha bicara tapi yak bisa. Marcell kelihatan sangat panik.Wahida, Suci, dan yang lain menangis dan .... [Read More]
Bahar Bin Smith terancam Pidana karena Penganiayaan
Bahar bin Smith atau yang lebih dikenal Habib Bahar bakal diperiksa Direktorat Kriminal Umum Polda Jabar, Selasa (18/12/2018). Hal tersebut disampaikan Direskrimum Polda Jabar, Kombes Iksantyo Bagus, saat di konfirmasi, .... [Read More]
Tukang Ojek Ini membeli mobil mewah di Bukalapak seharga 12ribu
Pengemudi ojek online Dedi Heryadi mendapat tawaran dari sejumlah  orang untuk melakukan pembelian  mobil Mini Cooper yang didapatkannya ketika  promo Hari Belanja Online Nasional (Harbolnas) dalam situs melakukan pembelian  barang  online .... [Read More]
Destinasi wisata Asia saat liburan akhir tahun
  Natal dan Tahun baru segera tiba, tidak sedikit  orang yang memanfaatkan momen ini guna  liburan akhir tahun yang menyenangkan bareng  keluarga maupun teman-teman terdekat. Tak butuh  jauh-jauh guna  berlibur, .... [Read More]
cara menggunakan http Injector
Pada kali ini kami berikan teknik internet cuma-cuma untuk HP android kita menggunakan software HTTP Injector, pastinya dengan software ini tidak sedikit sekali yang sukses untuk mendapatkan suatu akses internet. Karena .... [Read More]
Cinta Suci Senin 17 Desember 2018
  Bunga memikirkan ucapan Elsa. Dia mulai merasa kalau kakaknya sudah berbuat tak adil sama suaminya. Kemudian Aditya datang dan mergokin Bunga lagi mikirin sesuatu. Aditya Tanya lagi mikirin apa sih? .... [Read More]
Moon cakes are generally large with solid filling. So that eating a moon cake for one meal can make it like that. So no wonder, there are many people who .... [Read More]
Paramore performed 20 songs at their concert at Hall 10 Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Tangerang, Saturday (08/25/2018) night. The vocalist Hayley Williams appeared so energetic and "wild" on .... [Read More]
Viral Message about the Java Earthquake, LIPI Affirms That Hoaks
Some time later, messages related to the Java earthquake were spread in the name of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). In the viral message, it was said that LIPI .... [Read More]
The Smart Way to Negotiate Salary Increase
Talking about money is difficult for some people. However, asking for more money turned out to be much more difficult. When you finally gather the courage to ask for a .... [Read More]
Quick Ways To Have A Home After Marriage
One special relief when jomlo status was carried after marriage. However, in fact the problems in life will never be completed, especially when married. Starting from how to manage finances, .... [Read More]
Easy Tips for Culinary Business Success with Franchising
Today, it's not the time to calm down and just relax into office employees. Having a side business is the right choice to increase your income to achieve important financial .... [Read More]
Tips for Getting New Car Loans with Light Installments
Getting light installments while taking a new car loan is everyone's dream. Although convenient public transportation such as busway and commuter lines are available, it still encourages urban communities in .... [Read More]
Indonesian Chess Champion, Great Indonesia Indonesia Champion in Mongolia
Indonesian young chess player, Novendra Priasmoro, managed to make the song "Indonesia Raya" reverberate in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Novendra Priasmoro won the title in the age group of 20 years .... [Read More]
Minister of Trade: US Delays Fines to Indonesia
The United States (US) finally suspended trade sanctions amounting to 350 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 5 trillion to Indonesia. This was done after Indonesia lobbied the US. .... [Read More]
Director of BEI: Local Investors Support the Stock Market
Amid external sentiments that tend to be negative, local investors are considered to have supported the performance of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). "We see, actually foreign investors tend to .... [Read More]
Manager of Industrial Estate MM2100 Planting 13,000 Mangrove Trees
The manager of PT Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Tbk MM2100 industrial area (BEST) planted around 13,000 mangrove trees in Pantai Bahagia Village, Muara Gembong District, Bekasi, West Java. BEST Corporate .... [Read More]
China Call Will Continue to Fight US Trade War
The Chinese government said it would continue to fight if the US applied more import tariffs. This was stated by Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun. According to him as quoted .... [Read More]
Not Affected by Trade War, Alibaba Revenue Increases 61 Percent
Chinese retail giant Alibaba said its revenue jumped 61 percent in the quarter ended June 30, 2018. Alibaba's revenue is driven by the strength of its core business, e-commerce. However, .... [Read More]